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Elevate your crawlspace's health and protect your investment with a dehumidifier installation. Our utilization of advanced models ensures unparalleled humidity control, specifically tailored to the unique needs of Wilmington homes. From preventing mold growth to enhancing indoor air quality, our dehumidifiers are the cornerstone of a healthier living environment.

Dehumidifier installation for comprehensive mold prevention and healthier living

Dehumidifier installation is among our most sought-after services. By actively preventing mold growth, these units play a crucial role in fostering a cleaner and healthier living environment. Beyond the surface level, the meticulous control of humidity levels becomes an indispensable investment for your home, with far-reaching impacts on overall indoor air quality.

Dehumidifier servicing

Our dehumidifier servicing ensures that your unit operates efficiently year-round. With our yearly service plan, you receive four scheduled services quarterly, along with one emergency call for any unforeseen issues. This proactive approach guarantees that your dehumidifier remains in top condition, providing continuous protection against mold and other humidity-related concerns.

Breathe easy with Aprilaire solutions

Cape Fear Crawlspaces offers cutting-edge dehumidifier solutions using Aprilaire's top models, including the E80, E70, and E100. Engineered to combat excess humidity, these dehumidifiers are specifically designed for crawlspace environments. 

Humidity control is paramount in preventing mold growth, and our dehumidifiers excel at maintaining optimal levels—set below 50 or 55—to create an inhospitable environment for mold spores. It’s a crucial step in ensuring the long-term health and structural integrity of your home.

Crawlspace encapsulation and dehumidifiers

Professional dehumidifiers used in crawl spaces operate by pulling in moist air, passing it across chilled coils to condense the moisture, and carrying it away from your foundation. For crawlspace encapsulations, a dehumidifier installation equips the crawl space with the power to control humidity levels effectively. 

Dehumidifier in crawlspace

Check out our comprehensive suite of crawlspace solutions

At Cape Fear Crawlspaces, our team often pairs dehumidifiers with other services such as drainage systems, vapor barriers, crawlspace encapsulations, and other waterproofing solutions. By combining these offerings, we ensure a holistic approach to addressing moisture-related issues and enhancing the overall well-being of your crawlspace.

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