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In New Hanover County, where crawlspace maintenance is crucial, our crawlspace cleanout services take center stage. Most of our services will begin with this step where we remove debris, contaminants, pests, and unwanted materials that have been stored for years from the enclosed area beneath your home. Serving as both a foundation and utility space, the crawlspace deserves attention for the health of your home.

Tailored pest control crawlspace cleaning

Let’s target and eliminate pests, ensuring a pest-free environment moving forward. From removing debris that attracts pests to implementing preventive measures like crawlspace encapsulation, we take a comprehensive approach to safeguard your crawlspace.

Water in crawl space repair

Discover relief from your crawlspace woes with our crawl space cleaning and repair services. If you're dealing with standing water, musty odors, visible mold, or condensation on appliances and piping, trust our team to clean your crawl space not only from debris but also from water issues.

More reasons to choose us for a crawlspace cleanout

Did you know we have affordable solutions to eliminate drafty rooms, unexplained allergies, and unwanted pests? Removal and replacement of water-damaged crawlspace insulation that’s hanging from your floor joists is a good start. We can also fill in gaps, repair brickwork, remove items that are attracting pests, and remove mold if present. All of this and more can remedy unwanted crawl space issues that are common for homeowners in our area.

Your local source for honest and friendly crawlspace solutions

At Cape Fear Crawlspaces, we take pride in providing honest, friendly, and locally trusted crawl space services. As a dedicated local contractor, we prioritize the well-being of our community and approach each project with transparency and integrity. Our commitment to delivering reliable and personalized service sets us apart, ensuring that our clients feel comfortable and informed throughout the process. 

In addition to our core values, we offer a range of essential services, including crawlspace drainage systems to address water-related issues, dehumidifiers to control moisture levels, and waterproofing solutions for comprehensive protection. Trust Cape Fear Crawlspaces for not only expert crawlspace services but also a positive and trustworthy experience from a team that genuinely cares about your home's well-being.

Encapsulated crawlspace

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