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At Cape Fear Crawlspaces, we specialize in providing comprehensive crawlspace encapsulation services that redefine the way you perceive and utilize this crucial space beneath your building. Think about it, you get a space that’s fully enclosed, a space that’s dry, and a space that’s no longer scary!

Our crawl space encapsulation contractors break it down

Understanding crawlspace encapsulation is important to know so you can see why it’s such a great option. Crawlspace encapsulation involves more than just sealing; it's a meticulous strategy aimed at creating a controlled environment beneath your structure. It encompasses insulation, gap sealing, and the installation of dehumidifiers or ventilation systems. These steps not only boost energy efficiency but also safeguard against moisture-related concerns, fostering a healthier living space.

Vapor barrier installation

By covering the floor and walls with a robust vapor barrier, typically heavy-duty plastic sheets, we form a protective shield against moisture, water vapor, and soil gasses. This not only controls humidity levels but also acts as a formidable deterrent against mold growth, contributing significantly to improved indoor air quality.

Drainage control

In addition to the essential vapor barrier installation, we might incorporate a sump pump installation or French drain installation if your foundation needs it, ensuring effective water drainage and preventing potential flooding issues. With our team on your side, your crawlspace is customized for complete protection, as these crawlspace drainage systems are not a one size fits all and some homes don’t even require them.

Newly encapsulated crawlspace

Humidity and climate control

Understanding that a sealed crawl space needs proper ventilation and humidity control, we incorporate advanced dehumidifiers into our encapsulation process. These cutting-edge systems regulate moisture levels and facilitate optimal air circulation, creating a climate-controlled space that not only prevents moisture-related problems but also contributes to a healthier living environment. And best of all, these systems are controlled from inside the comfort of your home.

Mold remediation

Did you know encapsulating your crawl space acts as a powerful deterrent against mold growth, improving indoor air quality? If you’re already dealing with mold, we offer mold remediation services prior to encapsulation.

See what a comprehensive crawlspace encapsulation can do for your home or business


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